BEST’s South Bombay ring route a hit, eats into share taxi business

BEST’s South Bombay ring route a hit, eats into share taxi business

BEST’s South Bombay ring route a hit, eats into share taxi business

MUMBAI: The recent experience of organizing BEST buses along the busy road to the Crawford-CST-Churchgate market in which the Kaali-peeli taxi bends seem to have seen the flying colors. Two weeks after the BEST has introduced the ring’s 113 serial number, it encountered more than 2,000 takers, which led to 500 taxis off-road trips south of Mumbai.
The experience has also caused a “reverse migration” of taxi drivers to buses operated by the company to finance.

“The idea is to change the mindset of travelers and encourage them to travel on public transport buses,” said BEST Director General Surendrakumar Bagde.

He said that each bus was equivalent to eight to ten taxis on highways and reduced congestion, pollution (air and noise) and reduced fuel consumption.

“We have conducted a survey to the ring and found that the bus consumes 80 liters / kg of fuel per day.” In comparison, there were more than 100 taxis on city roads every day. Passengers and services are marketed by bus inspectors using microphones, “he said.

“You may think that taxis are faster but we will have to put up with the traffic signal and buses will catch up. The advantage of traveling on a bus that is also contributing to reduce congestion and pollution,” he said.

Bagde added that the Crawford-Churchgate-CCT market route will be taken as an ‘ideal route’ and replicated. Citizens can suggest similar routes in island cities and suburbs, and write to GM Electric House, Colaba or
“I invite all citizens / tour operators to give us suggestions in their respective areas where we can introduce similar bus services. They also cost less for many travelers,” he said.

Buying a simple bus ticket is cheaper than hiring a taxi for the trip. Buses in the Crawford market are available with a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes.
Bagde also requested comments on the new A / C buses introduced a few months ago. A citizen complained about the difficulty of boarding the bus again and being touched by the handle at the entrance. Almost 180 new buses arrived in the fleet until Thursday and most of them can be seen in southern Mumbai.