Did Poland’s First Lady Refuse to Shake Donald Trump’s Hand?

Did Poland's First Lady Refuse to Shake Donald Trump's Hand?

Did Poland’s First Lady Refuse to Shake Donald Trump’s Hand?

On July 6, 2017, the release of Donald and Melania Trump with Polish President Andrzej Duda and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda in Warsaw.

Several reports have focused on a small clip in which the four exchanged greetings with Kornhauser-Duda shaking hands with Melania Trump, while the US president extended his.

Newsweek published an article with the title: “Look Donald Trump handshake rejected by the first lady of Poland in a strange hilarement exchange”; The Vanity Fair article was titled “The First Lady of Poland, Shaken Unrestricted, Shaking Donald Trump’s Hand”; and the story of the Financial Express website proclaimed: “Donald Trump snubbed, now Poland [sic] the first Lady refuses handshake, Melania chooses rather, “adding:

The incident took place during her visit to Poland, where the first lady of Poland refused to shake hands and chose to greet the place FLOTUS.

So Kornhauser-Duda shook hands with Donald Trump. He simply shook hands with Melania Trump first. Besides, you do not even see Donald Trump’s outstretched hand.

As the two presidents shook hands, Kornhauser-Duda began to move towards Melania Trump, seeming to maintain contact with her at all times, which means that perhaps he has not reached the attempt to handle the President’s hand in his vision Peripheral

Finally, there is a certain order or choreography for the greetings that Kornhauser-Duda seems to have followed.

First, the two leaders shook hands, while the first two ladies do the same, then the first lady of Poland entrecroît with the President of the United States, while the first lady of the United States narrows the Hand with the president of Poland.

So even if Agata Kornhauser-Duda saw Donald Trump’s outstretched hand at the last moment that the two did not squeeze his right hand, then it does not necessarily mean “débrouillait” or avoided “refused” or even “no problem” Trump. Instead, you can simply follow the protocol.

Newsweek and Vanity Fair have updated their post-publication articles to reflect the fact that Donald Trump and Agata Kornhauser-Duda actually shook hands.

This incident reflects similar reports from June 2017, when Trump welcomed Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in the White House. Newsweek reported at the time that Modi had “avoided” and “hidden” Trump a handshake embracing her.

In fact, Modi launched a handshake with Trump, before he gladly embraces it – a home for which the prime minister of India has become well known and has given many world leaders in recent years.