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Taking a serious view of the game Blue Whale Challenge, the Madras High Court today ordered the central and Tamil Nadu governments to explore the possibilities of banning it.

By initiating suo motu procedures in this matter, Judges KK Sasidharan and GR Swaminathan of the Madurai office sent a notice to the Secretary of Information and Broadcasting of the Union and to the Secretary of State and the IT Department and made several suggestions.

The bench asked them to discover the possibility of banning the game and ordered that the director of IIT-Madras be implanted in the case to propose suggestions to ban these games online.

During the hearing of the matter, the state government informed the court that the student who ended his life here had shared the game with 75 others. However, all were prevented from playing, added the council of the government.

The judges suggested to the DGP of the State and the Minister of the Interior that a serious warning be issued to those who shared the “dangerous” online game with others.

On September 1, the court said it would take the case suo motu when Krishnamurthy, a lawyer, appealed to the leadership of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Union to ban these games.

When Collge Studnet Died due to the Blue Whale game

The lawyer made the plea after Vignesh, a 19-year-old private college student, allegedly committed suicide on August 30 here after playing the game.

Vignesh reportedly told his friends that he was “crazy” about the game and also told his parents that he felt isolated because of his addiction to it.

Later in a suicide note, he said: “The game was devastating … once you entered it, you will not be able to go out.”

The bench also said that monitoring should be stepped up to prevent the spread of the game by sharing. The court stressed the need to educate students to play “dangerous” online games in educational institutions.

To this, the CB-CID police officers present at the court said they were watching closely and were taking steps to freeze the game.

Warning from Police for Downloading the Blue Whale game

Warnings had been issued against those who shared and downloaded the “deadly” game online, they added.

The state government also informed the court that Vignesh had shared the game via Facebook and “Share” with 75 others. Everything was prevented from playing the game, he said. The IT department should also give suggestions to prevent sharing of these “dangerous” online games, said the banker and posted the issue for an additional hearing on 7 September. The Blue Whale Challenge would be a suicide game in which the player would receive certain tasks to complete over a period of 50 days and the final task causes him to commit suicide.

The player is also invited to share photos after completing each challenge. The game has cost several lives around the world ….


Introduction to Blue Whale for Android APK Download

Blue Whale 50 challenge APK is an Android game that is played on Android Mobiles by several people. This game is designed for suicidal purposes.

This game is widespread all over the world and has been downloaded by many people in different countries. It is said that when people download the game and register for the game, each person receives a task from the administrator and the administrator gives a daily task for 50 days, instructing them to send photographic evidence of each task.

In the initial stage, these tasks are simple, like awakening at weird times, watching horror movies, but say that doing these tasks to harass and harm the person. These tasks are initially easy to perform, but during the last 50th and final assignment, they are asked to kill themselves.

Many people are threatened by the administrator that they can harm their family or friends because the administrator initially takes all the information of each person to continue the game. More than 130 people in Russia’s suicide due to the Blue Whale game APK Challenge Download game.