General Bipin Rawat is one of India’s finest army chiefs but he may do well to talk a little less

General Bipin Rawat is one of India's finest army chiefs but he may do well to talk a little less

General Bipin Rawat is one of India’s finest army chiefs but he may do well to talk a little less

A trahue attracted by the fire, the Congress party’s propensity to commit political nonsense has not diminished, but the repeal Sandeep Dikshit general Bipin Rawat against Sunday also open a broader debate on the role of Chief of Staff staff Army in public life. There is evidence that despite one of the great leaders of the Indian Army, General Bipin Rawat has not made any favor appearances in the media frequently.

But first, a few words about Congress, the party that has taken us out of colonial rule and synonymous with nationalist movement in India. It is understandable that the BJP has cast the great old feast of India outside its traditional center space and forced into a distant place. This new political stance is evident in the way Congress succeeded in appearing on the wrong side of the debate over nationalism in almost all the final issues – or the controversy of JNU, surgical strikes, open calving in Kerala and Mani Shankar Aiyar Meanwhile, the Hurriyat discredited.

Image file of General Bipin Rawat. PTIFile general image Bipin Rawat. PTI
Congress faces a very effective opponent, but these are the times when the center must maintain. The opposition plays a vital role in maintaining the superstructure of Indian democracy and, as the only national alternative to the BJP (yet), Congress can not afford to relinquish its responsibility for taking alt-left positions are Even incompatible with their own legacy.

Leaders of the Kerala Youth Congress who opened a calf to the public and consumed meat in protest against the commercial rules of the center’s livestock sector were perhaps unconscious or too excited to remember that the cow and calf were the electoral symbol of Congress . Students raising slogans against the sovereignty of India are one thing, the vice president of the National Congress of India, who appears on campus to show their solidarity with them is something else. It gives the political legitimacy of the “fringe” as Arun Jaitley had informed the Rajya Sabha last year.
Shot at the bottom of a continuous underground war, the last thing the Indian army needs is to become a political pawn. It has completely escaped the Congress that in its research problems to deal with Narendra Modi, it undermined the ferocious neutral Indian army.
As written by journalist Shekhar Gupta in an article on the blog: “The Indian Army can adapt and evolve with the times, General Reginald Dyer Azad Hind Fauj brigade for a just institution that adopts a wonderful democratic nation and must be recognized … ”

Addressing and interviewing the apolitical nature of the military, Congress accelerated its own political death. Consider the comment “khoon ki dalali” Rahul Gandhi in the context of surgical operations or recite Sandeep Dikshit Sunday when he called COAS Rawat a “street criminals” and hastened to retract his statement and apologize. The policy does not have time to apologize.

As in the calf slaughter incident, the party headed by Rahul Gandhi has tried to get away from the controversy, but not before the Pakistani media have played. It has not helped Congress to participate in all political discussions with the left, whose leader Prakash Karat Rawat critic to appeal to the government line, as if the army was to release a rogue book Rawalpindi book and undermine a civilian government elected in its place.

Pakistan’s asymmetric war demands an unconventional approach and the army chief said in his statement that when the rules of the game are changing, it is time to innovate. Increased local participation and the use of civilians as human shields by terrorists requires a shift in focus.