Ready to be hanged, but will crush BJP: Lalu Prasad Yadav

Ready to be hanged, but will crush BJP: Lalu Prasad Yadav

Ready to be hanged, but will crush BJP: Lalu Prasad Yadav

PATNA / RANCHI: RJD chief Lalu Prasad describes the incursions of the IWC in his residence after a FIR of him, his wife Rabri Devi and his younger son and Bihar MP Tejashwi Prasad Yadav as the misuse of the central government mechanism At the request of BJP national president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said the decision is to demoralize and break the Great Alliance in Bihar.

“Suni Modi, Amit Shah, faansi ke fande by Jaayenge Latak Lekin Tumhara ahankaar, buniyaad choor choor kar Denge (Lisetn Shah and Modi

I am ready to be hanged, but I burn you from your foundation and your arrogance), “Lalu said at 10 of the residence Circular Road after returning from Ranchi, where a case was filed before a special court in CBI a case of forage scams .

“The IWC is not very responsible, as Amit Shah and Narendra Modi filed a false report against me. I was told that in fact many officers told my family during the search that they were under pressure from the central government.

Only political revenge. Target Center I and my family because I decided to remove Narendra Modi government and the BJP in the country. ”

Lalu also attacked the central government that have involved his youngest son and his wife Tejashwi Rabri for unjustified reasons. “Tejashwi was a minor at the time of awarding hotels. Rabri was not a public figure at the time,” Lalu said.

Chief RJD said he had asked for a CBI inventory list for raid on his residence. “I talked to the agents before ICC incursions and they told me it was a research exercise. So I asked my family to cooperate,” Lalu said.

Speaking to the media in Ranchi people earlier in the morning, Lalu said: “It was under my mandate as the railroads have been profitable but they have never resorted to corrupt practices.”
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Lalu defended his family, saying that proper procedures were followed in the awarding of two IRCTC hotels, under which the attacks were carried out in 12 places of the CBI.

“For the railway hotels based in Ranchi and Puri, the same party had been classified, while in New Delhi, the Tatas were responsible,” he said and added that in the same pattern, a hotel based in Delhi generates Rs1 Million rupees as in the license fee